November 30, 2011


hey peeps. i am back. i am sorry for the absence of me, for a very long time, i guess. yeah, well, this is me ; NORSYAHIRAH BINTI GHANI, with my new blog. new? haha. it is not new actually, but i'm kinda doing some makeover, well, you know, my old lame blog was quite boring. so, i decided to do some refreshments by applying new template, font and a few items more. and not to forget, i am going to publish this pink blog, fully in English language. yup! actually, i was inspired by my best bud from my alma-mater (SEMKIF), he is now the Vice President 2 of Student Representative Council of MARA Junior Science College Pengkalan Chepa, Husaini Aziz. heeee. Husen, you must be proud of me mentioning your name here, in my first post! haha :D it is my purpose that i can improve my English language, from now on, besides than watching American movies and reading novels. therefore, from this moment, i will be publishing more new posts as well as up-to-date stories on me and whatsoever-things-that-i-dont-know-what-to-call. hee.

i guess i gotta go for now. God Willing, i will publish a post tonite. have a nice day, you people! lots of love from me, miss pinkeryy  <3

xoxo :P

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