July 22, 2012

going back

salam. hey people. i am going back to kelantan tomorrow.

how i wish the ticket was not available. (DARN!)
how i wish i could stay home, 24/7.
how i wish i could spend more time here, in terengganu.
how i wish to sleep in mommy's bedroom, always.
how i wish i could eat mom's cook, everyday.
how i wish i could just go everywhere rather than being in hostel, only.


actually, it's real hard for me to update my bloggie now. the internet goes gila seloww, and i have to wait like, thousand years to get things cleared. i am pretty sorry for the unconvenience, and i promise to get to you guys as soon as the internet problem ends.

i really really really want to update everything here! just like other people did. somehow, i have a few constrains that i should not have share with you people. what i really wanna say is


yeah! there's no way i could stay there longer than it should be.
end of school.

staying focus to studies. im gonna get myself something COOL in SPM. If Allah wills.
till then, love you from the bottom of my pink hearty.
salam ramadhan mubarakah :)

July 19, 2012

welcome home sayang!

salam. a very nice evening here. i am home! alhamdulillah.

till my next postie.
xoxo ;)

July 12, 2012

i am back

ya allah.
how i miss my bloggie.
i'll be back for more post.
don't worry.


December 13, 2011

the date.

hye. im back again. the date. date of what? err. it's nothing actually. but today is the fifth year of me losing my mostandmostandmost favourite cute cat, Maa. huhu. i miss him so much now that i haven't find any replacement for him.

that is so kind of me rite? haha. i am loyal to my cat. gagaga. well, he was my most lovely cat. my most perfect cat. my most cute cat. and so on. i found him, 2 or a year before the lost, in the compound of my primary school. huhu. i brought him back, home, haha, by putting him in my school bag :D yeah, i was damn afraid that my daddy would be extremely mad at me for bringing the veryy messy-looked cat home. huhu. Maa was so messy that i could only notice his pair of hazel eyes. i put him in the bag and zipped it. and luckily, on that day, my brother (he is a cat-lover too, just like me. we are the only siblings that love cat so much in our family) he picked me up from school. yay!

i was excited that i didn't feel any fear towards the response from my daddy anymore. haha. and yea, i brought Maa home. as soon as we arrived, oh gosh, daddy noticed that something or maybe he might say, some cat was in my bag, bcause yeah, there was some meow-meow sound from it. i was damn cold, kinda shivering i think. he asked me what the hell that was meowing in my bag and i stupidly said that it was only a puppet. a cat puppet. pergh. good answer ara!

haha. the secret was revealed finally. huhu. daddy got a little angry when he found out that i brought a cat home! luckily, i got some back-up from my brother. he told my father this and that and yay!!!! i was allowed to keep the cat with me. as long as i promise to manage the cat properly, especially for the pee and poop. haha. i was so in love with Maa, he was so clever, he was 'handsome', his fur was very shiny, he did understand me a lot. my mother said so too.

there was once, that i could remember, daddy wanted to renovate our living room. he wanted to built a very big bookshelf with some space for the tv. so, he hired his friends to do the work. one day, they came to my house, where i was at the living room, sitting there with my cat, watching some tv programmes. and when my father's friends came in, i shut off the tv and Maa was like so blur, why on earth that i have to close the tv. haha. HE WAS A CAT okayy. and while the pakciks were doing their work of measuring the wall and whatsoever, Maa just sat there, and watched them enthusiastically. pergh. the pakciks were amazed by the action and they freaked out. haha

Maa was like soo wondering, and he might be thinking of something, i do think so. he just kept staring into the eyes of one of the pakcik, and the pakcik was damn shocked. he said that he never experienced a cat staring into his eyes like it wanted and hoped for something, haha. i was kind of proud with my Maa. the pakcik even guessed that me and my family educated Maa so well that he was being so clever. ngahaha. no lah,

next, is the reason of why i gave the name Maa for my very sweet and cuteycuteycutey cat. he loved to watch the cartoon programme of Mr Bean, 615, Disney Channel. he loved the programme so much! and when he was so little, soon after i adopted him as my pet, he started to watch the programme and yet, he kept making some sound of the cat in the Mr Bean programme, it was like, 'maaa, maaa, maaa' haha. that's why i called him Maa.

anyhow, even now he is not here with me any longer, i love him so much. i love him. i miss him really much. i did a lot of fun activities with him. we went to hunt for some insects (??) haha, we went for some ride together too, aaa, how i miss the moments. he was my childhood moment. he was.

rest in peace my Maa. 
xoxo :(

December 10, 2011

mood : GAY

nighty night. this is a very short post i guess. well, i'm kind of boring rite now. i still can't sleep as i am so agog to meet my friends tomorrow. yay!

we're gonna have some small reunion - our ritual, haha. can't stand still. can't wait. i miss ALL of you so much that i'm soooooo looking forward to meet, hug, kiss, slap, pinch, punch or whatsoever-that-i-will-do (haha) to all of you tomorrow. hik. just wait for the damn ritual of  mine. pergh.

oh ya, and btw, i have finished up the MOKHDAR camp. huhu. it was so sad for us, the participants, to finally settled with the joyful camp. and special thanks to both of the facis, ABANG AMAR and ABANG HAIKAL. let's banana again! whoaaaaa (!) well, i guess i will tell you further about the camp in the next post. i haven't upload the pics yet, so just wait okayy.

err and i think i am soooooooooo freaking happy tonite. i am excited. i am delighted. i am cool. i am awesome. i am SMILING!

oh yah. and tomorrow is gonna be my last day in terengganu before i leave for pahang and shah alam. i still don't know when am i going to be back in terengganu before the holiday ends. can't wait for school! <3

err i guess that's all for now. till then, meet you up again in the next and future posts. sleep tight, pinkers :) muah muah.

December 6, 2011


hye. well, i'm not feeling sooo good now. heh. i am freakingg boring la man. huhu. so i decided to surf for things that i love. one of the things, is absolutely PINK!

nah, specially for the followers of PINKERYY the pink <3


I think I'll write a pink poem, 
To make you smile, 
Because pink poems say
I love you in all the languages
Of the world! 
Take my hand, 
Take my heart, 
Share my laughter, 
Listen to the music.
And don't just smell the roses, 
Plant new one and think of me.

till then, good night!
xoxo <3

December 5, 2011


hey peepsters! i am back with the newest post for today. but first of all, lemme just say sorry bcause i didn't publish anything for more than a day :( sorry. i am freaking busy, with a camp that i have to join from the morning until 5pm, everyday for the whole week. phew. err, i'll explain more bout the camp after this, coz now, all i wanna do is to write something on a thing that you might know or vice versa :)

#gay = happy. haha. don't be mistaken okayy. this is just a stupid joke. wee. let's read more!


and calculations!

you guys might end up thinking and wondering, am i one of the MRSM students? :( i know, i know. but truthfully, OMG (!), i hate numbers ever since i started furthering my study at MRSM in FORM FOUR! err, i do think it's because of the mocking real hard subject of ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICS :( poor me. i am damn dull in that killing subject of mine. pfft.

i was always like 'errr cikgu. why do we have to learn add maths? i don't think it is applied in our dai,ly life. WHYYY???' fyi, for my first semester of learning add maths (1semester = about 5months) i slept during the lessons. huhuh. I truly regret now. sorry cikgu! it's very stressing to know that i almost failed my add maths paper for the 2nd Standardised Test of 2nd Semester 2011! duh. i only got 30!!!! and that's suck (!) 

deep in my pink heart, for the whole year, i did wanna learn add maths as well how i enjoyed learning mode maths, but still, i couldn't fulfil my wish :( i know, i was too lazy to finish up all the homeworks of add maths. andd i bet i was stupid enough to blame on my hectic schedule. grr. i am so sorry for myself. SORRY YA SYAHIRAH GHANI!

therefore, since i have realized that i am not good in that particular subject at all, i've come to the lesson. andd now, here i am, wishing to learn harder and smarter and score A+ for my add maths and add maths and add maths and other subjects! yeah!

this is my first step in order to gain more confidence in myself while doing calculations. A CAMP. organized by MOKHDAR, and mostly teaches people on how to love numbers by using Mokhdar technique :) puff. i have been participating in this camp for three days already, and the result is, i am more fond of numbers now, i think. yay! i love the camp, as well as the students, and the facis ; abg Amar Amirul and cikgu Haikal. well, the camp is not exactly teaches us on how to be more skilful in maths subject, but for me lah, Mokhdar technique really brings the enthusiasm in solving maths problem and so on. pheww.

the one-week camp is held only at terengganu, but the base camp is at Bandar Country Homes, Rawang. Gosh, i really wanna sign up for the base camp activities, which i heard, are more fun and exciting!! huhu. but it's okayy. i am so delighted and grateful that i still have the chance to be one of the Malaysians who are now using the technique :) and i'll be having more lessons tomorrow, let's hope that i'll never be sleepy just as today session. haha!

that's enough for today. wishing you guys happy holiday! and till then,
xoxo :)

December 3, 2011

friends :)

hello guys. i am here to post something on FRIENDS. yup. since today is a very emotional day for me, so yea, here i come with the perfect topic - for me, i think. haha. hm, you guys must have a loooooot of friends, so why do you think some of them are your best friends, besties, buddies and so forth?

maybe they ARE nice, real understanding, perfect and bla bla bla. or maybe, they ARE hot, popular, gorgeous, good-looking, and you choose them to be your buddies so that you can be just like them too! isn't it? well, let's forget it. i am here not to give a SPEECH okayy. this is not a 350 words composition! this is my blog :P

i used to have so many best friends. when i was in kindergarten, i have a best friend and her name is NUR SYAHIRAH BINTI HARUN. we did everything together, from colouring the wall of our kindergarten (!) to cried for our mommies whenever they did'nt show up for recess. haha. we went into separate ways starting from standard 1, i went to another primary school, and the same went for her. i first met her, after separating for about 5 years, in a camp, that was held in my primary school. i met her again after that and since then, i've never heard anything about her, anymore :( 

during my primary years, i became close to a girl, named SYAKIRAH ALBADRI. (don't be weird of me having besties with the name syahirah or syakirah! haha.) she's a diligent student, she's nice and she did understand me well. i've been in the same class as her since standard 1 to standard 6, we shared a lot of  childhood moments together where we played 'batu seremban', 'tudung botol', 'masak-masak' and so on. HAPPY!

during my primary years too, i became close to FATIMAH AZZAHARA and AIMI NABILA. we even called ourselves the TOTALLY SPIES. haha. i was sam, fatimah was alex and aimi was the other one, can't remember the name, haha (!) clover! yah, thatt's the name! we did stupid things such as running in the dark during nightclasses, we climbed trees, we played football with some other guy friends during midday - around 1 in the afternoon i think (!) wahaha. i missed those moments :)

then, i moved on to NUR FATHIN AINASHIHAH since the previous two girls just left me, and became close to another girl friend. ==, don't even mind. huhu. fathin, she's soooooooooo nice, she's shy, and she knew me well, ILYSFDM fathin. she helped me through a lot of hard situations, and i helped her in her English language. she once cried when she finally got the A in an exam! and after primary school, we moved together to the secondary school. but then, when i was in form 2, she moved to other district of terengganu :( i lost a close friend by that time.

i knew this girl, SITI NOOR SHAKIRA, when i was at the kindergarten actually. we met again in the secondary school and i got close with her, we're like sisters. OMG! i love her. i always love her. we spent so much time together, walking after schools, under the sun, whoaaaa, i miss that moment damn much.

by that time too, i got close with SURAYA JOHARI, since i'd to move from the 3rd class (where i got close with siti noor shakira) to the 1st class. awww. she's wayyy different from fathin. she's fun, she's talkative and she totally have the same way of thinking as i am. we had so much joy, snapping a loooooooooooot of pictures - i've owned a camera on that time. whooshhhh. but then, it's normal to have fights, and from that on, she got closer with someone else, as well as me,

ainul syahirah

me and alia syazwani

next is NUR ALIA SYAZWANI and NUR AINUL SYAHIRAH. they are my besties, they're always by my side whenever i felt sad, gloomy, or something, and we did many great things too. thanks to them, my girls, i finally learned that girls are not that mean. >.< (i thought that girls were sooo mean that they could have done so many stupid actions in their life, haish) i love you girls soooo sooo much!

oh yaa, at the same time, i have HUSAINI ABD AZIZ as one of my buddies. he's kind, he's ADORABLE (ouch), he's understanding of who i am, he's so many, many, more laaaah. i love him. i love him so much. muah muah. ahaha. 
#he must be acting sooo @#$& after reading this post, haha.
i di cry when i knew that i was going to separate with husaini since he got an offer from other MARA college, and me as well. luckily, we're still in the same state, KELANTAN! haha.

soooo, here's my story of having friends in MARA Junior Science College Tumpat. i am lucky to have a boyfriend - not the special one yaaa -he is MUHAMMAD NUR SYAZWAN! and i love him soooooooooooooooo much! he's my buddy, he's my pillow, he's my everything laaaa. i share my stories with him, i call him whenever i feel sad '_', and so on laaaa. the best thing he ever did to me was, he called me at exactly at 12, just to wish my birthday. i was likeeeeee, OMG, he is soooooo sweet and nice, and i love you la NAWE, for singing me a birthday song while playing guitar. and i cried on that night of my birthday. haha. we signed up for the Art class together next year, and i am sooo glad that i'm never gonna be apart from him. and ya, many of our friends there, called us as twins. haha. whatever happens, i love my NAWE so much :)

yup, totally, i love them all. eventhough we are not seeing each other as before, i still remember you guys, and thanks for all the values of friendship that you have given to me <3 muah muah muah!

thanks yaww!

and to all those people who know me, out there, i am truly sorry for not mentioning your beautifully-given-names here, in my special post for my dear friends.



till then, xoxo :) 

December 2, 2011


hye peeps. i am back. okayy, i hate to say this but i'm quite emotional rite now. i don't think i want to share my story of how i ended being so emotional just like NOW, but let the pictures speak for me :(


this is soooo not nice :(

i don't know, but i think this is what i have in my mind, all the times.

that's why i wanna be a little girl again,
just like her,
don't have to think of anything else except CANDIES!!!
and stay PINK for sure :)

so i guess, I AM F-I-N-E now.


till then, xoxo <3

December 1, 2011

the best ENGLISH camp ever!

i am back on the runaway. haha. i'm gonna post something on an ENGLISH CAMP that was held at Student Leadership Centre of MARA Junior Science College Lenggong, Perak from last 18th Nov to 21st Nov.

at first, i was kinda reluctant to go to the camp since, ya, you know, it's holiday! i was like, err, 'i have to deduce a few days off my holiday, DANG!' and it was more frustrated when i looked at the schedule of the camp. man, LEADERSHIP SKILL, WRITING SKILL, READING SKILL, nonsense! those slots freaked me out! but then, i tried to relax myself and deep in my heart, i really hoped that the camp would be fun for me and all the participants from other 44 MJSC :)

so, we boarded the bus by 8 in the morning or something. me, danial harith (dan), maisarah (mai), iffat and azeid. oh and yes, we had to board the bus with the participants of National Science Camp that was held at MJSC Gerik, and other participants of the English Camp from MJSC Pengkalan Chepa and MJSC Pasir Tumboh. i have no idea on what they did during the journey bcoz i was on the phone with someone (!) - it's my birthday bonus laa :) we stopped for a while at Banjaran Titiwangsa and the view was very astounding, muach! it's utterly cold up there, i was shivering like hell. HAHA :D

we arrived there by afternoon, i guess. we had to carry all of our things to the campsite! GOSH! i brought a looooooot of stuffs there, and we had to walk down the hill! aaaaa. and ya, i had to carry EVERYTHING, hu :( sweats covered my whole body on that time, argh. in the monkey-tent (we called it so since there were some stupid monkeys came into our tent while we were having a slot, and ransacked the luggages, food and whatsoever, even the undies!), i met a lot of new friends, for sure, they were so nice to me, i love them!

we didn't have any slot on that day of arriving there, so we got some chances to relax ourselves, fuh :p at night, yeah, we had to make three big squares of people, and introduced ourselves there! the activity was enjoyable as i was given a few compliments from i-dont-remember-them! there was a guy, he's handsome (!) and he said that i'm pretty and cute. WHOAAAA! i was on cloud nine on that time. most of them would say things on my black cute spectacles, and ya, i love the compliments too. muah muah.

the second day there was pretty awesome. we had some kind of explorace (in the group named the SIXCESS, and we called ourselves the SIXIES) haha. what else we got there, hm, i cant remember it laaa. haha. but for sure, i had a lot of joyful moments with my SIXIES. i love being in the SIXCESS <3

i miss being with the campers. i miss the cooperation that we all showed there. i miss the facis. i miss the Russians. HAHA. i miss everything lahh. the camp was terrific. the camp rocks!

to all the SIXIES ; syawal, rafiq, iban, kiin, amar, denesh, syazni, mike, ijat, nel, izzah, farzana, anis, ainin, syasya, jehan and afiqah, I LOVE YOU GUYS DAMN MUCH!

till then, xoxo <3