December 10, 2011

mood : GAY

nighty night. this is a very short post i guess. well, i'm kind of boring rite now. i still can't sleep as i am so agog to meet my friends tomorrow. yay!

we're gonna have some small reunion - our ritual, haha. can't stand still. can't wait. i miss ALL of you so much that i'm soooooo looking forward to meet, hug, kiss, slap, pinch, punch or whatsoever-that-i-will-do (haha) to all of you tomorrow. hik. just wait for the damn ritual of  mine. pergh.

oh ya, and btw, i have finished up the MOKHDAR camp. huhu. it was so sad for us, the participants, to finally settled with the joyful camp. and special thanks to both of the facis, ABANG AMAR and ABANG HAIKAL. let's banana again! whoaaaaa (!) well, i guess i will tell you further about the camp in the next post. i haven't upload the pics yet, so just wait okayy.

err and i think i am soooooooooo freaking happy tonite. i am excited. i am delighted. i am cool. i am awesome. i am SMILING!

oh yah. and tomorrow is gonna be my last day in terengganu before i leave for pahang and shah alam. i still don't know when am i going to be back in terengganu before the holiday ends. can't wait for school! <3

err i guess that's all for now. till then, meet you up again in the next and future posts. sleep tight, pinkers :) muah muah.

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