December 1, 2011

the best ENGLISH camp ever!

i am back on the runaway. haha. i'm gonna post something on an ENGLISH CAMP that was held at Student Leadership Centre of MARA Junior Science College Lenggong, Perak from last 18th Nov to 21st Nov.

at first, i was kinda reluctant to go to the camp since, ya, you know, it's holiday! i was like, err, 'i have to deduce a few days off my holiday, DANG!' and it was more frustrated when i looked at the schedule of the camp. man, LEADERSHIP SKILL, WRITING SKILL, READING SKILL, nonsense! those slots freaked me out! but then, i tried to relax myself and deep in my heart, i really hoped that the camp would be fun for me and all the participants from other 44 MJSC :)

so, we boarded the bus by 8 in the morning or something. me, danial harith (dan), maisarah (mai), iffat and azeid. oh and yes, we had to board the bus with the participants of National Science Camp that was held at MJSC Gerik, and other participants of the English Camp from MJSC Pengkalan Chepa and MJSC Pasir Tumboh. i have no idea on what they did during the journey bcoz i was on the phone with someone (!) - it's my birthday bonus laa :) we stopped for a while at Banjaran Titiwangsa and the view was very astounding, muach! it's utterly cold up there, i was shivering like hell. HAHA :D

we arrived there by afternoon, i guess. we had to carry all of our things to the campsite! GOSH! i brought a looooooot of stuffs there, and we had to walk down the hill! aaaaa. and ya, i had to carry EVERYTHING, hu :( sweats covered my whole body on that time, argh. in the monkey-tent (we called it so since there were some stupid monkeys came into our tent while we were having a slot, and ransacked the luggages, food and whatsoever, even the undies!), i met a lot of new friends, for sure, they were so nice to me, i love them!

we didn't have any slot on that day of arriving there, so we got some chances to relax ourselves, fuh :p at night, yeah, we had to make three big squares of people, and introduced ourselves there! the activity was enjoyable as i was given a few compliments from i-dont-remember-them! there was a guy, he's handsome (!) and he said that i'm pretty and cute. WHOAAAA! i was on cloud nine on that time. most of them would say things on my black cute spectacles, and ya, i love the compliments too. muah muah.

the second day there was pretty awesome. we had some kind of explorace (in the group named the SIXCESS, and we called ourselves the SIXIES) haha. what else we got there, hm, i cant remember it laaa. haha. but for sure, i had a lot of joyful moments with my SIXIES. i love being in the SIXCESS <3

i miss being with the campers. i miss the cooperation that we all showed there. i miss the facis. i miss the Russians. HAHA. i miss everything lahh. the camp was terrific. the camp rocks!

to all the SIXIES ; syawal, rafiq, iban, kiin, amar, denesh, syazni, mike, ijat, nel, izzah, farzana, anis, ainin, syasya, jehan and afiqah, I LOVE YOU GUYS DAMN MUCH!

till then, xoxo <3


  1. Gosh ! Jehan was joining English Camp ? imysm <3

  2. nabilah asyiqin : yup! she was in my group! what's her fb profile? i wanna add her :)