December 5, 2011


hey peepsters! i am back with the newest post for today. but first of all, lemme just say sorry bcause i didn't publish anything for more than a day :( sorry. i am freaking busy, with a camp that i have to join from the morning until 5pm, everyday for the whole week. phew. err, i'll explain more bout the camp after this, coz now, all i wanna do is to write something on a thing that you might know or vice versa :)

#gay = happy. haha. don't be mistaken okayy. this is just a stupid joke. wee. let's read more!


and calculations!

you guys might end up thinking and wondering, am i one of the MRSM students? :( i know, i know. but truthfully, OMG (!), i hate numbers ever since i started furthering my study at MRSM in FORM FOUR! err, i do think it's because of the mocking real hard subject of ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICS :( poor me. i am damn dull in that killing subject of mine. pfft.

i was always like 'errr cikgu. why do we have to learn add maths? i don't think it is applied in our dai,ly life. WHYYY???' fyi, for my first semester of learning add maths (1semester = about 5months) i slept during the lessons. huhuh. I truly regret now. sorry cikgu! it's very stressing to know that i almost failed my add maths paper for the 2nd Standardised Test of 2nd Semester 2011! duh. i only got 30!!!! and that's suck (!) 

deep in my pink heart, for the whole year, i did wanna learn add maths as well how i enjoyed learning mode maths, but still, i couldn't fulfil my wish :( i know, i was too lazy to finish up all the homeworks of add maths. andd i bet i was stupid enough to blame on my hectic schedule. grr. i am so sorry for myself. SORRY YA SYAHIRAH GHANI!

therefore, since i have realized that i am not good in that particular subject at all, i've come to the lesson. andd now, here i am, wishing to learn harder and smarter and score A+ for my add maths and add maths and add maths and other subjects! yeah!

this is my first step in order to gain more confidence in myself while doing calculations. A CAMP. organized by MOKHDAR, and mostly teaches people on how to love numbers by using Mokhdar technique :) puff. i have been participating in this camp for three days already, and the result is, i am more fond of numbers now, i think. yay! i love the camp, as well as the students, and the facis ; abg Amar Amirul and cikgu Haikal. well, the camp is not exactly teaches us on how to be more skilful in maths subject, but for me lah, Mokhdar technique really brings the enthusiasm in solving maths problem and so on. pheww.

the one-week camp is held only at terengganu, but the base camp is at Bandar Country Homes, Rawang. Gosh, i really wanna sign up for the base camp activities, which i heard, are more fun and exciting!! huhu. but it's okayy. i am so delighted and grateful that i still have the chance to be one of the Malaysians who are now using the technique :) and i'll be having more lessons tomorrow, let's hope that i'll never be sleepy just as today session. haha!

that's enough for today. wishing you guys happy holiday! and till then,
xoxo :)

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