December 13, 2011

the date.

hye. im back again. the date. date of what? err. it's nothing actually. but today is the fifth year of me losing my mostandmostandmost favourite cute cat, Maa. huhu. i miss him so much now that i haven't find any replacement for him.

that is so kind of me rite? haha. i am loyal to my cat. gagaga. well, he was my most lovely cat. my most perfect cat. my most cute cat. and so on. i found him, 2 or a year before the lost, in the compound of my primary school. huhu. i brought him back, home, haha, by putting him in my school bag :D yeah, i was damn afraid that my daddy would be extremely mad at me for bringing the veryy messy-looked cat home. huhu. Maa was so messy that i could only notice his pair of hazel eyes. i put him in the bag and zipped it. and luckily, on that day, my brother (he is a cat-lover too, just like me. we are the only siblings that love cat so much in our family) he picked me up from school. yay!

i was excited that i didn't feel any fear towards the response from my daddy anymore. haha. and yea, i brought Maa home. as soon as we arrived, oh gosh, daddy noticed that something or maybe he might say, some cat was in my bag, bcause yeah, there was some meow-meow sound from it. i was damn cold, kinda shivering i think. he asked me what the hell that was meowing in my bag and i stupidly said that it was only a puppet. a cat puppet. pergh. good answer ara!

haha. the secret was revealed finally. huhu. daddy got a little angry when he found out that i brought a cat home! luckily, i got some back-up from my brother. he told my father this and that and yay!!!! i was allowed to keep the cat with me. as long as i promise to manage the cat properly, especially for the pee and poop. haha. i was so in love with Maa, he was so clever, he was 'handsome', his fur was very shiny, he did understand me a lot. my mother said so too.

there was once, that i could remember, daddy wanted to renovate our living room. he wanted to built a very big bookshelf with some space for the tv. so, he hired his friends to do the work. one day, they came to my house, where i was at the living room, sitting there with my cat, watching some tv programmes. and when my father's friends came in, i shut off the tv and Maa was like so blur, why on earth that i have to close the tv. haha. HE WAS A CAT okayy. and while the pakciks were doing their work of measuring the wall and whatsoever, Maa just sat there, and watched them enthusiastically. pergh. the pakciks were amazed by the action and they freaked out. haha

Maa was like soo wondering, and he might be thinking of something, i do think so. he just kept staring into the eyes of one of the pakcik, and the pakcik was damn shocked. he said that he never experienced a cat staring into his eyes like it wanted and hoped for something, haha. i was kind of proud with my Maa. the pakcik even guessed that me and my family educated Maa so well that he was being so clever. ngahaha. no lah,

next, is the reason of why i gave the name Maa for my very sweet and cuteycuteycutey cat. he loved to watch the cartoon programme of Mr Bean, 615, Disney Channel. he loved the programme so much! and when he was so little, soon after i adopted him as my pet, he started to watch the programme and yet, he kept making some sound of the cat in the Mr Bean programme, it was like, 'maaa, maaa, maaa' haha. that's why i called him Maa.

anyhow, even now he is not here with me any longer, i love him so much. i love him. i miss him really much. i did a lot of fun activities with him. we went to hunt for some insects (??) haha, we went for some ride together too, aaa, how i miss the moments. he was my childhood moment. he was.

rest in peace my Maa. 
xoxo :(

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