December 3, 2011

friends :)

hello guys. i am here to post something on FRIENDS. yup. since today is a very emotional day for me, so yea, here i come with the perfect topic - for me, i think. haha. hm, you guys must have a loooooot of friends, so why do you think some of them are your best friends, besties, buddies and so forth?

maybe they ARE nice, real understanding, perfect and bla bla bla. or maybe, they ARE hot, popular, gorgeous, good-looking, and you choose them to be your buddies so that you can be just like them too! isn't it? well, let's forget it. i am here not to give a SPEECH okayy. this is not a 350 words composition! this is my blog :P

i used to have so many best friends. when i was in kindergarten, i have a best friend and her name is NUR SYAHIRAH BINTI HARUN. we did everything together, from colouring the wall of our kindergarten (!) to cried for our mommies whenever they did'nt show up for recess. haha. we went into separate ways starting from standard 1, i went to another primary school, and the same went for her. i first met her, after separating for about 5 years, in a camp, that was held in my primary school. i met her again after that and since then, i've never heard anything about her, anymore :( 

during my primary years, i became close to a girl, named SYAKIRAH ALBADRI. (don't be weird of me having besties with the name syahirah or syakirah! haha.) she's a diligent student, she's nice and she did understand me well. i've been in the same class as her since standard 1 to standard 6, we shared a lot of  childhood moments together where we played 'batu seremban', 'tudung botol', 'masak-masak' and so on. HAPPY!

during my primary years too, i became close to FATIMAH AZZAHARA and AIMI NABILA. we even called ourselves the TOTALLY SPIES. haha. i was sam, fatimah was alex and aimi was the other one, can't remember the name, haha (!) clover! yah, thatt's the name! we did stupid things such as running in the dark during nightclasses, we climbed trees, we played football with some other guy friends during midday - around 1 in the afternoon i think (!) wahaha. i missed those moments :)

then, i moved on to NUR FATHIN AINASHIHAH since the previous two girls just left me, and became close to another girl friend. ==, don't even mind. huhu. fathin, she's soooooooooo nice, she's shy, and she knew me well, ILYSFDM fathin. she helped me through a lot of hard situations, and i helped her in her English language. she once cried when she finally got the A in an exam! and after primary school, we moved together to the secondary school. but then, when i was in form 2, she moved to other district of terengganu :( i lost a close friend by that time.

i knew this girl, SITI NOOR SHAKIRA, when i was at the kindergarten actually. we met again in the secondary school and i got close with her, we're like sisters. OMG! i love her. i always love her. we spent so much time together, walking after schools, under the sun, whoaaaa, i miss that moment damn much.

by that time too, i got close with SURAYA JOHARI, since i'd to move from the 3rd class (where i got close with siti noor shakira) to the 1st class. awww. she's wayyy different from fathin. she's fun, she's talkative and she totally have the same way of thinking as i am. we had so much joy, snapping a loooooooooooot of pictures - i've owned a camera on that time. whooshhhh. but then, it's normal to have fights, and from that on, she got closer with someone else, as well as me,

ainul syahirah

me and alia syazwani

next is NUR ALIA SYAZWANI and NUR AINUL SYAHIRAH. they are my besties, they're always by my side whenever i felt sad, gloomy, or something, and we did many great things too. thanks to them, my girls, i finally learned that girls are not that mean. >.< (i thought that girls were sooo mean that they could have done so many stupid actions in their life, haish) i love you girls soooo sooo much!

oh yaa, at the same time, i have HUSAINI ABD AZIZ as one of my buddies. he's kind, he's ADORABLE (ouch), he's understanding of who i am, he's so many, many, more laaaah. i love him. i love him so much. muah muah. ahaha. 
#he must be acting sooo @#$& after reading this post, haha.
i di cry when i knew that i was going to separate with husaini since he got an offer from other MARA college, and me as well. luckily, we're still in the same state, KELANTAN! haha.

soooo, here's my story of having friends in MARA Junior Science College Tumpat. i am lucky to have a boyfriend - not the special one yaaa -he is MUHAMMAD NUR SYAZWAN! and i love him soooooooooooooooo much! he's my buddy, he's my pillow, he's my everything laaaa. i share my stories with him, i call him whenever i feel sad '_', and so on laaaa. the best thing he ever did to me was, he called me at exactly at 12, just to wish my birthday. i was likeeeeee, OMG, he is soooooo sweet and nice, and i love you la NAWE, for singing me a birthday song while playing guitar. and i cried on that night of my birthday. haha. we signed up for the Art class together next year, and i am sooo glad that i'm never gonna be apart from him. and ya, many of our friends there, called us as twins. haha. whatever happens, i love my NAWE so much :)

yup, totally, i love them all. eventhough we are not seeing each other as before, i still remember you guys, and thanks for all the values of friendship that you have given to me <3 muah muah muah!

thanks yaww!

and to all those people who know me, out there, i am truly sorry for not mentioning your beautifully-given-names here, in my special post for my dear friends.



till then, xoxo :) 

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